My New Home

This blog used to be called The Top Floor Homestead.  That was back when I lived in an apartment.  My family recently moved to a home,  so I thought it was time for a blog name change,  one that describes the place I’m living in,  just as Top Floor did.  Pine Tree seemed to describe … Continue reading My New Home

Spring Soap Making

This spring my daughter and I made soap.  We’d wanted to do this during winter break but weren’t able to,  so in the interim we planned our formula and gathered our ingredients.  When spring break arrived,  we finally had everything ready and found the time. We hadn’t made cold process soap in a long time, … Continue reading Spring Soap Making

Hello and Welcome :D

Welcome to my new blog,  The Top Floor Homestead!  I’d like to share with you some of the everyday homemaking that goes on in my life.  I’ve been a homemaker for years now and have a lot of experience at it,  so I thought it was about time that I began a blog to showcase … Continue reading Hello and Welcome 😀