Pine Vinegar

During the winter the Douglas Fir out back drops boughs.  One way I put them to use is by making pine vinegar.  Pine vinegar is an infusion of pine needles in vinegar.  I begin by stripping the bough of it’s needles,  and placing them into a jar.  Then I pour vinegar over them to fill … Continue reading Pine Vinegar

Tomatoes 2017

  We grew most of this year’s tomatoes from seed,  Ed Hume’s heirloom mix,  which has 14 different varieties in one packet.  The other seed we grew is called Legend,  a tested early variety that was developed for the PNW region.    We bought 1 plant,  a storage tomato named Longkeeper.   I’ll make a separate post … Continue reading Tomatoes 2017


The Roman chamomile that we planted back in April has finally begun to blossom,  and the flowers it produces are truly lovely.   Chamomile is a member of the daisy family (Asteraceae),  and so it’s flowers are daisies in miniature form.  The difference between it and it’s larger cousin is the scent:  chamomile flowers smell … Continue reading Chamomile

Kitchen Renovation Part 4: Drywalling The Ceiling & New Light Fixtures

We’re replacing the old square shaped light fixtures that were here when we bought the house as part of our renovation.   The old fixtures were really outdated looking,  and used U-shaped florescent bulbs which cast a dingy light that we didn’t care much for. Removing the old fixtures left us with a large square … Continue reading Kitchen Renovation Part 4: Drywalling The Ceiling & New Light Fixtures